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All Your Favorite Bands CD

All Your Favorite Bands CD

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With this, its fourth album, Dawes calls from deep inside the feedback loop of love's aftermath, a place where stray scenes from happier times rattle around unexpectedly to reinforce the stark loneliness of the present moment. For a songwriter, it's an interesting place to hang out, and Goldsmith takes full advantage of the dramatic possibilities. He's alternately philosophical and angry, full of despair and also warm fare-thee-well wishes for the girl who left to find out what life was like without a chaperone. - Tom Moon (NPR)



1. Things Happen 4:03
2. Somewhere Along The Way 5:39
3. Don't Send Me Away 4:55
4. All Your Favorite Bands 3:35
5. I Can't Think About It Now 6:16
6. To Be Completely Honest 4:44
7. Waiting For Your Call 4:09
8. Right On Time 4:49
9. Now That It's Too Late, Maria 9:46

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